Jermaine Subia

Hi, I'm Jermaine Subia

Grinder. | Leader. | Full-Stack Web Developer.

Jermaine Subia

Grinder. Leader. Full-Stack Web Developer.

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If you don't know anything about me the one thing you should know is that I am a grinder! I work extremely hard but I also believe in efficiency and optimization so although I can work hard I can work smarter as well. As a manager for several years and a stint as a Director I found that the companies I worked for did not have efficient streamlined processes which lead to errors and often customer dissatisfaction. I would often find ways to streamline processes in any way I could find such as creating an online ticketing system using JotForm and Google sheets, or using Excel as a database. Even being creative in that sense had its limitations so I decided to learn how to code. I would work on the companies website, help friends out with their websites, or get referred to businesses to help with their websites. Even then I was still limited so I finished my degree in information systems and received additional training at another educational institution. Now I have the tools necessary to develop systems for companies and individuals. Is efficiency important to you? How important is it to you to utilize technology to ensure customer satisfaction? How much do you value hard work? These are some of the questions I present to you as you read this if you believe in these then please reach out to me

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My Services.

Front-end Web Development

I am experienced with css, html, and javascript. I am also familiar with Angular and React.

Back-end Web Development

Familiarity with mySQL and MongoDB in regards to databases. I am experienced with utilizing expressjs, nodejs, PHP, and rails.


Experience building e-commerce sites with payment capabilities.

Basic Web Development Tutoring

Tutoring those interested in entry level web development in html, css, and javascript.

Upgrading Websites

If you feel your website is not what you would like it to be I can re-do it as well as make it responsive which is important with people using mobile and tablets to view websites.


I provide remote support to those that need to make changes to their website.


My best works.

Bullentin Board

React App

Innovative Advantage Security


Contact Me

Drop me a line or give me a ring. I would love to hear from you.